About Us

Gaming Passion Fashioned into Apparel

We're gamers, just like you, who one day thought, "Why not wear our gaming hearts on our sleeves?" That's how Top Score Apparel was born - not in a flashy convention, but from the comfort of our gaming chairs, amidst epic game battles and nostalgic retro gaming sessions.

Our Roots

We're not fashion gurus; we're gamers through and through. We understand the thrill of a last-minute win and the joy of exploring virtual worlds. Top Score is our way of bringing that gaming spirit into the real world, with graphic tees, hoodies, and other great game merch fellow gamers can appreciate.

Designs that Speak Gamer 

Our collections are a tribute to all things gaming - from the iconic classics to the latest chart-toppers. We hope every design becomes a conversation starter, a nod to the gaming culture that we all love. Whether you're into strategic conquests, fantastical adventures, or racing against time, we've got something that'll let you wear your gamer identity proudly.

Helping Indies Create Merchandise

We are dedicated to helping indie devs and studios with licensing. Helping them expand their marketing through Merchandise, and our expansive distribution network.

If you are an Indie Dev who needs their own unique merch, reach out here.

Community at Our Core 

At Top Score Apparel, it's not just about selling apparel; it's about building connections. We're here to celebrate the gaming community, to share stories, and to foster the spirit of gaming. Join us on social media for memes, game reviews, announcements, and deals.

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Ready to Gear Up? 

Browse our collection and find the piece that resonates with your gamer soul. At Cntrl Kill, you're not just buying a piece of clothing; you're making a statement about who you are and what you love.

Thanks for dropping by. Here's to many more levels of gaming glory, now with the perfect wardrobe to match!

Games we're currently playing + loving

 Helldivers 2 Palworld 
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