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Creepy Tales Sherpa Blanket

Creepy Tales Sherpa Blanket

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Wrap yourself in the mystery and charm of the Creepy Tales series with our exclusive Sherpa Blanket. This cozy blanket not only brings the whimsical world of Creepy Tales to your living room but also offers a soft embrace as you delve into puzzles and adventures as dark as a Brothers Grimm fairy tale. It's more than a blanket; it's a portal to a world where every cuddle tells a tale.

Product Details:

  • Mystical Material: 100% polyester fibers, conjured for comfort and warmth.
  • Dual-World Design: With 51.5% surface fabric for spellbinding softness and 48.5% sherpa fabric to keep the chill of the dark woods at bay.
  • Enchanted Weights: Smooth side fabric weighs 6.49 oz/yd², and sherpa side fabric weighs 7.08 oz/yd², balanced for a magical feel.
  • Crafted for Comfort: The perfect blend of materials to keep you cozy during long nights of gaming or storytelling.
  • Puzzle-Perfect Sizes: Available in 37″×57″ for individual adventurers, 50″×60″ for duo quests, and 60″×80″ for a party of heroes.

Why It's a Must-Have:

This Sherpa Blanket is the perfect companion for any fan of the Creepy Tale series, from the eerie adventures of Ingrid in Creepy Tale 3 to Lars's heroic quests in Creepy Tale 2. It's a comfort in the darkness, a soft shield against the night, and a silent ally as you unravel the mysteries of the game. Each thread is woven with the essence of the Brothers Grimm Fairy Tales, making it a piece of game merch that transcends the ordinary.


Choose your size for the perfect fit in your questing space:

  • Solo Expedition: 37″×57″
  • Duo Adventure: 50″×60″
  • Party Quest: 60″×80″

Care Instructions:

  • Machine wash in cold water with similar colors. Treat it as gently as you would a magical artifact.
  • Tumble dry on low or summon the wind for air drying.
  • Do not iron, bleach, or expose to dragon fire.
  • Handle with care, as if it were woven from the hair of forest nymphs.

Embark on your next gaming session wrapped in the lore of the Creepy Tales series. Visit the franchise’s mystical library at Creepy Tales on Steam to expand your collection of enchanted items.

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